As a member of UFS you are welcome to take part in various activities such as ”open studio”, ”open darkroom”, courses, monthly meetings where we have lectures, practical activities, demonstrations etc.

We have courses for members in darkroom work and portrait photography.

There are also other activities such ”the challenge” where you share pictures based on a theme and give and receive feedback in the group.

You will also receive a members newsletter several times a year.

You can even hold your own exhibition in our gallery (the studio is also used as a meeting room and gallery) or a mini exhibition in our display cabinet outside the entrance.

Becoming a member is quite straightforward. Read through this page and then click on the button “Become a member”. (The following pages are in Swedish, so you may need to get some help).

To become a member, follow these steps:

  1. Follow the link ”Become a member” at the bottom of this page.
  2. Choose ”Jag vill bli medlem” (or other options if you are renewing or adding a benefit)
  3. Then complete the questionnaire regarding membership type and any additional options such studio, darkroom and a deposit for a key to the premises.
  4. Once the form is complete you will receive an email with an invoice number
  5. You need to then pay by swish or bank transfe. Please use the invoice number so we know what you have paid for.
  6. If you have added the key deposit option, you need to contact us at to arrange collection of a key and a brief run through of the facilities.

Membership fees

OrdinaryYouth (under 25) and retired
Annual membership500 kr250 kr

Optional fees

OrdinaryYouth (under 25) and retired
Darkroom450 kr225 kr
Studio450 kr225 kr
Key deposit200 kr200 kr

All fees, except the key deposit, are to be paid annually. The level of the fees is decided at the annual general meeting. The membership lasts one year from the time you pay.

If you are renewing your membership, you need to make your payment before the end of February for the year in question, at the very latest. Please note, you must have paid your membership fees before the annual general meeting to have the right to vote.

To continue and become a member or to renew, please click below.