The society

The Uppsala Photographic Society was founded on the 28th March 1941 for the purpose of furthering the development and growth of photography in Uppsala. The society’s byelaws say the following:

”The society’s aim is to, within Uppsala and the surrounding areas, be a social connection point for those who are interested in photography and through the arrangement of gatherings, lectures, exhibitions and competitions, promote the practice of photography in all its forms.”

Photography has changed considerably since these lines were originally penned. The authors couldn’t possibly imagine what photography would become. There are those that even 20 years ago could not envisage the astounding development that has occurred.

With these advances in mind, there are many who wonder what the point of a photography club is?

The simple answer is that today the club is more important than ever and that it’s for everything! Thanks to the availability of relatively cheap, good quality equipment photography has become an artform, a hobby and a profession for many more people than the society’s founders could have considered possible over 80 years ago.

A photography club is much more than just a place; it’s a fellowship of photographers. Young and old, beginners and enthusiasts – everyone can call Uppsala Photographic Society their home for photography. It is this mix of desire, interest and experience that the club blends together.

At the same time, and a little more down to earth, the club is a resource which offers a studio, gallery and darkrooms for those who need them.

No matter what your level of interest, experience or age – ALL ARE WELCOME at Uppsala Photographic Society!